Issues with Order - Personalised Items

This form is to be completed if you have issues with your order. Please note we will be unable to review your request unless this form is completed fully. This process has been introduced to identify customers with genuine order issues and to identify those who are misusing the process or filing fraudulent claims.

Personalised and bespoke products are exempt from refunds. Replacements will only be approved if after conducting an exhaustive review we determine with our printing supplier that an issue is indeed present.

If a request is made simply because of 'change of mind', this will be promptly refused as samples are available to view to ascertain quality - bespoke/personalised items cannot be resold to other customers.

Please also note that we will use the information and evidence supplied to speak with our printing supplier and/or courier before arriving to a conclusion. We will not be pressured into providing a response without conducting this investigation.

Please provide photo evidence of defect. The defect must be shown across a number of cards in a single photo, an image showing a single defective card will not suffice. Please also provide an image of the packaging IF you are stating that the Majority of cards are defective, we will cross reference this with the image DPD had taken during time of delivery. Our suppliers will be able to determine whether the cards had been genuinely damaged or done so deliberately.

Next Steps
We will review your responses and speak with our printing supplier and/or courier. We will respond in 3 to 5 working days. Our supplier and/or courier will review your responses and evidence and provide us with an independent response.